Running Your Elder Law Practice

by James P. Lampertius

This seminar and outline is the “merger” of ideas from two elder attorneys’ separate practices and combined professional experience of 30 years plus. Even though our individual practice experiences have varied and currently are different between solo and multi-attorney/staff firms, we have attempted to combine our thoughts for the “best practice” advice for the attorney managing an active elder law practice. Throughout the outline we still provide our individual voices, offering nuances from each of our own training and current practices.

     We have divided the seminar into seven major areas:

  1. Areas of Practice and Professional Training for the Elder Law Attorney
  2. Essential Perspectives & Personal Skills for the Elder Law Attorney
  3. Special Ethical Issues in Elder Law and Helpful Procedures
  4. Office Setup and Use of Technology
  5. Administration and Project Management
  6. Effective Billing
  7. Getting the Word Out: Getting & Keeping Good Clients


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